Friday, 4 November 2011


Yesterday at school, I was playing Volleyball for P.E. One guy in my class (who will remain un-named) who is also an idiot/funny guy, who was in the position next to me, asked  "What is the meaning of life?"
Of course I was baffled. "Um, is that really relevant right now, in a game of Volleyball?"
"Totally," he said, but I ignored that. But he wouldn't stop asking me, and I found myself without an answer.
It is such a tricky question, and not many people have an answer. I'd be interested to hear your theories.

~ Missie E.J.



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  2. Wow, what an intriguing question! Some questions cannot be answered, of course, even the most smart cannot answer that!

    Possibly someday we will find the answer to that essential question. Here is my theory:

    Life was given to us to change the world,and learn. Try to create a better world for the others that are yet to be born. Possibly to be the ears to whom can't speak, and the eyes to whom cannot hear. :-)

    Hope that helps! :)

    -Danae (From Teenage Hope and Compassion

    And I tried to say this before, but it got deleted. My computer is crazy :-P