Saturday, 5 November 2011

Today was a big day!!

Today my family and I traveled to a bigger town nearby (about 2 hours away) to do some shopping. Since I live in the country, I was amazed at the amount of people who were strolling around. I bought a 'Glee' karaoke game and a new shirt from 'JayJays' of a squirrel riding a bike (Lol pretty random but it's REAL cute!!!)

I also learnt something else. Today, for lunch, more people preferred 'Subway' than 'KFC'

There's your random fact for the day.



  1. It's a book about a girl named alona dare who gets hit by a bus of band geeks and dies. She turns into a ghost and finds that she can talk to a "goth" boy named Will Killian. he can talk to ghosts and everyone thinks he's crazy because no one else can see them. Alona and will become friends and try to find a way to heaven for alona. while all this is happening will has some other issues to deal with. his friend lily is i the hospital ( brain dead ) and his friend joonie is trying to contact her. what she doesnt know is while she's trying to get to her friends spirit, she lets out another ghostly danger alona dubs as " Ghostly Gus ". They eventually work it out and the book ends with killian and alona at graduation. i'm wait to get the 2nd book so i'll keep you posted ;) hope this helped :D

  2. Btw: thanks for the comment i appreciate it a lot!!!