Friday, 11 November 2011

Day 2

I love this quote. Yes, yes I know Maths is a huge part of daily life and everything, and you need to learn it or you'll be a huge fail in jobs or whatever.
Maths is always asking questions.

Numbers that don't make sense. How many times does this fraction go into this one? What is 9 x 10234?

I mean, what is the point? Why bother learning things like BODMAS when it has no relevance at all when you are an adult unless you become some total BODMAS expert or something?
I mean, why on earth should we need to know if 8 x 3 - 12 + 234 is?? 

I know that the basic maths structure, like multiplication and addition are relevant, but do we really need all the fancy stuff added on if we're not going to become Maths experts when we're older??

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