Tuesday, 25 September 2012

On holidayyy! cx

Hey! I know I said I wouldn't be blogging today but the motel I'm staying at has free wi-fi so mum let me use her iPhone for Internet!! 

Well, my day? My family and I left at about 8:30 in the morning so we got here at about ten. We had plenty of time to explore the sanctuary that way. There were so many cute animals there like little bush mice and possums! Wait, let me explain. My brother Rory's birthday was aaaages ago (June 15th, if you wanna know!!) and he wanted to come and visit the sanctuary for that. But the weather was too bad for it for MONTHS (it was winter) and now finally its spring so we decided to go in these school holidays instead with the better weather. And it was so worth it!! It was such a good day !!  :-)

After visiting the sanctuary for a few hours we did some shopping. After that we just chilled in our motel while watching my FAVE tv show 'the x factor'. Actually, the x factor is on right now!! Do any of my fellow aussie readers watch it too? (I'm looking at you Bonnee and Maya!!!)

Although we're going home tomorrow cuz mum needs to work I have really enjoyed our mini holiday!! :D 
I've still got a week left of holidays which is amazing!! I love my holidays <3

Oh yeah, something I forgot to mention! There were heeaps of cute guys around too so the trip wasn't too hard on the eyes ;p

I better get back to x factor, blog again soon!! 




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