Wednesday, 5 September 2012

im sorry

wow, im sorry. im sorry i havent been blogging in a while. sorry, that was an understatement. i meant, im sorry i havent been blogging in ages. im sorry im not using captial i's in this blog, its because i cant be bothered holding down the 'shift' key. gawd, im lazy aren't I? well, im allowed to be. because its a Tuesday afternoon. its that annoying time when friday is so close.......but not close enough for it to be friday. so im allowed to be lazy. so there.

what have i been doing lately, you may ask? well, Im going to tell you, whether you wanted to know or not.

· I have been going to school. I know, boring old school. Nothing special....

· I have been watching one of my absolute favourite TV shows: THE X FACTOR. Man I am addicted!!!

· I have been watching the football.......the finals are coming up!! Go Geelong!! Woot Woot!

· I have had homework :(

· I have been much more regular on a website called Polyvore

· I have been loving listening to the radio. my faves are The Hot 30 Countdown at night and Jordan and Steph in the morning

· I have been practising Fur Elise, Somewhere over the rainbow, and Bella's Lullaby on piano

· I am still loving Reece, but am also fan-girling over Joel Goncalves and Trent Bell from The X Factor

· Thats about it really! What a small and insignifcant life I live!

· Really, it is. when you think about the amazing people out there, doing amazing things...

· but I AM amazing!

· okay, why am I still doing dotpoints for this?

· Im going to stop now

Love you all,



  1. lol loved the post!


    1. hey thank you!!! :D
      I appreciate it!! xx