Sunday, 23 September 2012


//mind your manners- chiddy bang//

hey guys. i hope people still read this blog!! i know it has been FOREVER since ive last posted heheeh yes i am guilty! :-/ but here I am!!!

sooo what have I been up to, you may ask? well, it is the school holidays for me at the moment and it is the 2nd day of holidays and I am loving it!!! I have slept in till at least 10 both days so it!! cx

at the moment my cousins are up visiting till Monday when they are going to leave :(((( it has been great having them here!! ♥

I have a bit planned for the holidays...but not for a little while! so for the while im just gonna chill and enjoy the moment!

im gonna jump off now...because thats pretty much everything!! my life is pretty simple at the moment...not that im complaining!! thats one of my favourite things about holidays....there are no worries!!

love you all,




  1. Holidays? It seems like you always get holidays T^T I just finished my mid-term exam. Reading this post makes me wanna asdfghjkl my school :x

    Tell me when you're ready to rock this blog off (again)! :D

    1. Hahahaha no I dont always get much as I wish I did!!! <3

      wow how did you go in your exam???? :O

      weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeelll I'm going away tomorrow until Wednesday for my brother's birthday then later in the week from Saturday till Monday ;)

    2. Eeeek idk don't ask me about those freakin exams :| I envy youuu, what's better than life full of holidays and you're about to have fun with family??? Hope you have a really blast birthday with your brother! Promise me you'll post about it here!

    3. Hahaha ok I won't!! c;
      Weeeeeell im at my motel at the moment and I've had a great day!! It's been great weather and we spent the day at the zoo here and did some shopping (:

    4. Aaah I miss visiting the zoo! Will you take any pictures of them? :D I miss the little part of your photograph here :* I've read your latest post and it seems superb to stay in a motel for simple school holiday! Just wondering, where in the world are you now??? :O

      Anw I just wanna tell you that now I'm in for a therapy class. I decided to get a rehab any sooner cuz I don't want to end up like a real mad girl :( I still can't find my real problem, the main problem... And it confuses me at school! Glad that the exams were over already so that I don't have to worry a thing :)

    5. Yes I took some photos!! I will post them soon I promise cx
      and I am still in Australia! ♥

      ohhh okay :/ I hope you do get better sweetie xxx

    6. LOL I know, I mean, which part of Australia -____-a

    7. rightttttttttttttt! =]

      Victoria. xx

  2. I love reading ur blog post...followed u on gfc ang LB.

    Hope we can follow each other.


    1. hello Gabrielle!

      hey thank you!! im glad you liked reading it ;)