Thursday, 23 February 2012

Swimming Sports! :-)

Hello there! :D
Well, yesterday was my school's Swimming Sports! The whole school is divided up into 4 teams.  The houses are: Bader (green) Hillary (blue) Landy (yellow) and Churchill (red.)
I am in Bader, btw.

ANYWAY, well, everybody is encouraged to dress up in their team colours for the day..and I got all 'greened' up with a green shirt, green shorts, green nailpolish, green sunnies, green zinc cream on my face and lips, green get the picture!

Me, all 'greened' up!

The whole school headed down to the  local pool for the day, and it was a huge line consisting of green, red, yellow and blue making it's way down the street. It was something to see!

The atmosphere was great as soon as I stepped inside. There was great, catchy, up-beat tunes, totally lol-worthy guys from school as commentators, and the weather was just perfect!

As you might know already, I'm not a great swimmer. :p
So I only participated in the novelty events and left the actual racing to the sporty kids.
I did two kickboard relays (my team of four came second and third). I think the novelty events- which are things like kickboard, running in the water, and doggy paddling are the most fun, myself. But, without the full on stuff, I guess nobody would really win, hey?

My friend Jo and I had a good chat to some guys I hadn't really caught up with since last year, did some wordfinds (Jo came prepared with heaps of magazines and quiz books), chatted to friends, and had a walk around every so often.

After a long day of laughter, heat, and awesome music, it was announced that.....Bader won! Woohoo!

It was a great end to a great day.

Well....that was yesterday. Everybody looked different at school today without all their colours on! Everyone (including me) looked exhausted...I wish they had it on a Friday instead of a Wednesday, so we could have the weekend to rest up! Well, we can't have everything, can we?

Today was pretty good....the same scorching heat continued for most of the day and now Friday is looming closer still.

Gotta go my friends, the TV is calling! ;p

Chat again soon,





  1. Hey Ej great pic :) That sounds like a really fun day

  2. What an awesome day! And you are really pretty :)

    We have to wait until april or june until we will finally get some good weather. It's all snowy and rainy here..

  3. Hi Caitlin and Chanelle! Yeah it was an awesome day! Thanks so much Chanelle, your too kind :) Thanks Caitlin, although I shouldn't take credit for it coz I didn't take it!
    and Chanelle your so lucky you have snow! it's been really hot this weekend but luckily now it's overcast and windy, it's a nice change! :-)
    but the week's set to get hot again. :(