Thursday, 1 November 2012

and happy Friday to you!

hope your Friday was a good one c:

my Friday was pretty good, mostly because I know Ive got a 4 day weekend coming up (My fellow Australian bloggers would know this is because of the Melbourne Cup) so that was pretty exciting. It was a beautiful day, such a change from yesterday. It was cloudy, wet and windy yesterday :/ but today was beautiful and sunny and blue skies and clouds. Big, white, fluffy clouds :P

but anyway... OH YEAH thats right! Tonight is the fireworks!! Every year my town has a thing were there is a parade through the street (think all the local organisations, bagpipes, fire trucks, etc) and then after that is the fireworks. Its a pretty big event and Id reckon the whole town comes to see it, along with the town's families and not to mention tourists. So its a pretty big event. So thats something I can look forward to tonight :)

Well at the moment im still in my school uniform (even though it's 5:15pm and school finished 2 hours ago.) Why is this, you may ask? Well, mostly its because im writing this (and even though im good at multi-tasking, i cant type and get dressed at the same time) but the other reason is because Ive got a group of men at my house and i dont overly want to get undressed with them around. Before you begin to worry about me and why a group of strange men are at my house its only because they're fixing a hole in our roof. Yes, you read right, a hole in our roof. From the inside. The guys who're here have spent all of today putting solar panels onto our roof and somehow (I havent been informed of how yet, probably coz im hiding away typing this) they have made a huge hole in the kitchen roof. So they're currently fixing it.

Im going to take this opportunity so say a huge THANK YOU to my friend Storyteller, who designed my new header which I LOVE TO BITS. ♥ you are amazing Storyteller! :D

im going to go now and eat some Lindt chocolate which I still have leftover from my birthday. Bye and I hope you all have a nice weekend!

Lots of love,




  1. I'm so glad the weather has picked up again... Thursday was just foul! Unfortunately for me, I have an exam on Monday :( Stupid yr 12... You and people like my sister are lucky ducks! Hope you enjoy your long weekend :)

    1. I know! Just as I thought the weather was getting perfect Thursday comes along and ruins it >:( but anyway it was a nice day today!
      and good luck for your exam!!! im sure you'll do well xx
      and you enjoy your weekend too xx

    2. So keen for summer to settle in so it's nice weather constantly again... aaah, and exams will soon be over!!! Did you have an awesome long-weekend? My sister did, even if I was busy having an exam... xx

  2. Hey, this is a neat blog! I think I'll follow!

  3. EJ I miss youuuuuu :((((( I wish I can have a phone call with you right now! I just kind of need it huhuuu...