Friday, 27 January 2012

I try to vary it every time...

Do you sing along? Or just sit there and stare at them?

I have found smiling the best option, but I feel really awkward sitting there grinning at everybody like a loser. ;)

When the lights are out it's easiest because you don't really have to look at anybody...well, you do but you can just look at the cake can't you....but no you should look at people...

ARGH  I am driving myself insane with this!!
Ideas?? Please??
And your own experiences would be interesting to hear so I know I am not the only one humiliating myself.

~ EJ



  1. It is very awkward when it happens, really.. I asked my family and friends not to sing me happy birthday anymore, because I don't like it. And as you said, just standing there and watching them is weird.. I can't think of any advice but yes, smiling is good..

    1. Hiya Chanelle. Wow, you must REALLY not like Happy Birthday! I've learnt to live with it but I am VERY glad it only happens once a year!!! Every year I try to do something slightly different....
      smiling has gone down the best.

  2. LoL I personally think Happy Birthday is just an awkward song and thats why it's so awkward for the person being sung to. I usually just try and look at my cake. But if you have ever had the experience at school where everyone in class starts to sing it you just end up sitting there awkwardly smiling at everyone or going beet red in the face. I don't have all that much advice just do the most non awkward thing possible and hope for the best. :)

    1. I KNOW isn't it weird at school? Where do you look? at school is even worse than at home I think. I reckon looking at the cake is good but when I do I feel like I'm snobbing everyone who is singing for me so I have to look up but then I feel awkward!!! :-)