Sunday, 18 December 2011

A milestone...

2011 will soon be a thing of a memory....with Christmas fastly apporaching and New Years not too far away, it is hard to believe that just months before this, I was struggling to fit into high school, find my way around, use my locker and it's just something of every day life.

Today was my last day at school for this year. It has been a fantastic year- I've made many great friends, challenged myself in many ways, and done well in my school work. Next year looks exciting, and boy am I glad I won't be the baby in the school anymore!

Good luck to the Year 7's.....
Everyone in my year are thinking about picking on them next year because this year's Year 8's did that to us...and I agree that it will surely toughen them up...but I won't really be mean to them because it wasn't that long ago I was in their shoes- terrified of school, new routines, teachers, friends, environment....and teasing from the higher years doesn't make it any better!!

Next year looks exciting....and I am definitely looking forward to it.
But for now, instead of looking too far into the future, I will try my best to stay in the here and now....and enjoy Christmas and New Year's.

Merry Christmas Bloggers, and I hope you have all had a great year.




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